1. spotted: the good goods being delivered to le select. (at Le Select Bistro)

  2. susur’s latest will be ballin (at SoHo Metropolitan Hotel)

  3. I’d never really stopped to admire the artwork at domino’s. UNTIL NOW. (at Domino’s Pizza)

  4. fitted (at Andrew’s Formals)

  5. NYT vows: the first mix he made for her included ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space… (at the Quin)

  6. three nights in brooklyn? who do you guys think you are, Beyoncé? (at The Westport)

  7. ok fine chicken broth ramen is immensely hearty. (at Totto Ramen 51)

  8. STATEN ISLAND STAND UP for you sri lankan delights. (at Lakruwana)

  9. how you do flushing, ny (again): michelin-recommended korean bbq pork belly and duck. (at Hahm Ji Bach)

  10. how you do in flushing, ny: tendon, intestine, tripe, asian fiddleheads, hand-pulled spicy pork noodles. (at Biang!)